Expert Witness Testimony

f you need an expert witness, we can help with your litigation matter. Our team of experienced lawyers and managers has expansive knowledge of the “ins” and “outs” of the sports, entertainment, media and tourism industries. We’ve seen it all and will testify to it!

Mr. Remick testified as an expert witness in:

  • Todd Frohbieter v. David Sisk, M.D.;
  • Campbell Clinic Inc., d/b/a Campbell Clinic;
  • Suresh Lakhanpa M.D.; Health Images, Inc., d/b/a HealthsouthDiagnosticCenter of Memphis;
  • Mitek Surgical Products, Inc; Ethicon, Inc., and Johnson & Johnson, No. 99 2146 GA (U.S. Dist. Court for Western Dist. Of Tennessee);
  • Alex Anderson and Alexis Anderson v. Timothy Honkala;
  • Jefferson Orthopedic Associates Ltd., No. GD 95-14574 (CCP of Allegheny County, PA);
  • Clarence Holmes v. Willard Smith, Jr., a.k.a. Will Smith, DKT. NO. 99-CV-4932 (U.S. Dist. Court of Eastern Dist. Of PA);
  • Alan Spielman, Ltd. v. John DeBella, NO. 1429 (CCP Philadelphia County, June 1998);
  • Robert James Salter v A.H. Belo Corporation and Kens-TV, Inc., Case No. 99-CI-13471 (37th Judicial District, Bexar County, Texas);
  • Jason Lee King v. Dwight E. Schultz, et al., DKT. No. BUR-L-2859-96 (Superior Court of New Jersey, Law Division, Burlington County).
  • New York Panix Promotions LTD. v. Lennox Lewis, United States Dist. Court Southern Dist. of New York (01-CV-2709CHB)